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Kitchen scale weighs in on multitasking

The Maya Kitchen Scale features a prep bowl for mixing and measuring.

Making it easy to mix and measure.

I used to have an old mechanical kitchen scale. Rickety and imprecise, it served more as decoration than as an actual scale. While it served no needed purpose in my kitchen, it sure looked cool. It had small images of meats and vegetables printed or painted on its surface. Though it didn't do much actual measuring, it did make for a nice cookbook stand. While this Maya Kitchen Scale may not have little pictures of common food items on it, it makes up for its lack of kitsch by being actually useful in the modern kitchen.

I tend to gravitate toward anything in the kitchen that can reduce the number of dishes I will later have to wash. The measuring bowl on this scale also doubles as a mixing bowl. The 3-quart plastic bowl is able to measure wet or dry ingredients, and the outside has volume measurement markings making it easy to add ingredients as needed. An additional 1.5-quart bowl is included for usage when wet ingredients are not called for. When not minimizing the amount of dirty dishes in your kitchen, the bowls nest together for easy storage.

A modern scale requires more than convenience for the consumer. With a digital readout that displays measurements in increments as small as an eighth of an ounce, this scale is ready to find a place in your contemporary kitchen. Even if you don't need precise measurements for your every day baking needs, the 11-pound-capacity scale is sure to help streamline time spent in the kitchen--something that any modern cook is sure to enjoy.