Kindle for Christmas?

Reports are reaching us that Amazon's Kindle ebook reader will be available in the UK for Christmas this year. We suggest you watch out, and cease all pouting/crying activites

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Richard Trenholm

The Amazon Kindle could be in the UK in time for Christmas, according to reports.

The Kindle is by far the most successful electronic book reader in the US, but has yet to arrive here. Mobile Today reports that Amazon is "frantically working on having the Kindle ready for launch before Christmas 2009". Deals are in place with book publishers, and are in the pipeline for newspapers and magazines.

One of the Kindle's killer features is its ability to download books and other publications over-the-air, so Amazon may set itself up as a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO. That means it would be a mobile operator that pays to use another's infrastructure.

It's reported that Amazon has outsourced manufacturing of the Kindle to Qualcomm. Should the Kindle be filling Christmas stockings come December, it could be the tipping point for the ebook market, which has yet to take off in Britain despite the availability of other readers, such as the Sony Reader PRS-505 review and Interead Cool-er.