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Kenwood steamer goes electric

Kenwood electric steamer has a lot of power and a large capacity


Eating healthier is at the top of many consumers' priority list, and in order to do it, they're sacrificing cooking methods that rob foods of their nutritional value. As a result, focus is shifting away from breaded, battered, and deep-fried foods and toward healthier grilled and steamed ones.

Steaming meats and veggies can be accomplished in many different types of vessels, but all require a fixture that suspends the food in a basket above a bath of boiling water. Most configurations offer enough space for a single layer of food and are designed for use on the stovetop. This Kenwood Electric Steamer, however, offers both more cooking space and some relief for your stove.

The steamer has a powerful 2,000-watt heating element and a 60-minute timer that's adjusted with digital controls, providing enough cooking power to heat anything you could imagine needing to steam (most veggies take only a few minutes). It also has three separated chambers, holding 3.5, 4, and 4.5 liters, respectively. The chambers are made of clear plastic, so you can monitor your food's progress and throw them in the dishwasher when you're finished using them. If extra steam space is needed, you can insert additional stainless steel trays.

To learn more, you can visit Kenwood's Web site here.