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Keep tabs on your Apple tablet predictions

Think you've got the inside word on what Apple will announce tomorrow? Keep track of all the various Apple tablet rumours with the help of your iPhone.

Prediction app
Prediction app for iPhone (Credit: iTunes/CBSi)

After months of typical Apple silence, the Cupertino tech company promises to reveal its "tipped to be a 10-inch tablet computer" tomorrow, which is tipped to be a 10-inch tablet computer with a list of fanciful features, that is if internet rumour-mongers are to be believed.

Not that we're taking a dig at the rumour-mill, the build up and anticipation for an Apple keynote is always half the fun of any new announcement. Now that we're less than 24 hours from the big reveal it's time to collate all the rumours and see which of them are grounded in fact and which are undoubtedly works of fiction.

To do this you could trawl the internet looking for rumours and composing a list, or you could let someone else do the hard work, like David Weiss from Unweary who has tossed all the rumours into a single document called Prediction Scorecard. Simply print out his PDF and have a pen handy for when Steve Jobs begins his grand curtain lifting. Or if pen and paper seem a bit too 2009 for your sophisticated tastes, you can install Weiss' Prediction app for iPhone — though its AU$3.99 price tag might seem a bit pricey for its one-day use.