Keep tabs on the laundry from afar

The LG SteamWasher and matching dryer are compatible with LG's Remote Monitoring System, which tells you when the clothes are clean and dry from any room in the house.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets
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It's possible you've seen all the washers and dryers my colleagues have posted about recently and not one of them has cried out to you and made you feel you must rush out to buy it.

Maybe you thought to yourself, "Those are all fine, but I need a washer that can tell me when it's finished, even if I'm in a different part of the house." Maybe you just can't decide if you want to stack your machines or store them side by side. Or maybe you wanted a system that would ease your allergies during hay fever season and the rest of the year.

Maybe you need to take a look at the new LG SteamWasher and matching dryer. In sleek stainless steel, the washer and dryer can be stacked--or not. The upfront control panel features a trilingual (English/French/Spanish) LCD display--for that je ne sais quoi we all want in the laundry room. (Or, you know, so that the nanny from Luxembourg can do the laundry while the kids are napping.)

It's like having eyes that can see all the way to the laundry room. LG

The Allergiene cycle promises to reduce dust mites, household pet dander, and other allergens, so you can breathe easy. And the SteamFresh cycle can take your wrinkled work clothes and make them fancy, fresh, and fabulous in just 20 minutes.

The LG Steam laundry line also is compatible with the award-winning LG Remote Monitoring System. This little piece of hardware tracks the laundry's progress and saves you from running up and down the stairs all day to see if the clothes are ready. Plug the remote monitor into any electrical outlet--it connects with the washer and dryer via Power Line Communication (PLC) technology, and the large LCD screen keeps you informed at a glance.

(I know some of you are rolling your eyes and wondering if I have never heard of the buzzer indicator on a washer or dryer. I have, but I wonder if you have ever spent three hours getting a colicky infant to sleep, only to have him awakened by the stupid buzzer. Who's rolling her eyes now?)