Keep cool with this heat resistant oven mitt

This extra-long oven mitt lets you reach to the back of the oven--or over hot coals--without burning yourself.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets

Protect and serve--with style. Built NY

"You know what we need to get you for Mother's Day?" my almost-10-year-old asked me last night. Off the top of my head, I could think of at least 47 things that I need--want--from a full-time housekeeper to a MacBook Pro, or, heck, even an iPhone. But my daughter had something else in mind. "An oven mitt," she said.

I will admit that my first response was disappointment. An oven mitt? Really? But my daughter did have a point--I have decreased sensitivity in my extremities, so by the time I react to heat, I've generally burned myself pretty well.

If my dear family does decide to get me an oven mitt as an additional Mother's Day gift, I'd like "the Maserati of mitts," the Arlo Oven Mitt by Built NY. It fits snugly so that you can work with the precision you need in the kitchen, and the extra long sleeve offers total protection.

Also, it's pretty. And thanks to the stain-resistant material, it should stay that way. If it does get dirty, you can hand wash it and let it air dry.

The mitt fits either hand and is made of neoprene that's heat resistant up to 500 degrees F.