JVC Picsio: Hands-on with the pixie-sized HD camcorder

We took time out of staggering around CES to have a play with JVC's Picsio high-definition mini-camcorder

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Richard Trenholm

Stumbling past the JVC stand here at CES, we stopped for a quick fumble with the JVC Picsio high-definition mini-camcorder. It shoots 1080p, 720p, VGA and QVGA and records in fancy stereo sound.

The Picsio competes with the Flip Video, Kodak Zi8 and Sony Bloggie. It's smaller than most of its rivals, but feels more plasticky than the Kodak and Sony offerings.

Films are recorded in .MOV format to SD and SDHC card. The Picsio boasts an HDMI connection and also captures JPEG stills.

The JVC Picsio is available in black, blue, and pinky-purple. The back sports a shiny pattern, which we found strangely hypnotic. We could have stared at it for ages, but that's probably because the cough medicine just kicked in and now we have the mental capacity of a doorknob. The Picsio is available now for around £150.