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Juice it up with this citrus squeezer

Fresh lemon and lime juice from a single handheld squeezer in a cheery yellow and green. Fun and functional makes this a nice gadget for any kitchen.

Squee!(ze) Amazon

Cooking is in the details. A little lemon pepper on a chicken before roasting makes for a juicier bird. A handful of capers will bring out the flavors in an artichoke dish. And fresh lemon or lime juice? No substitutes--particularly not the stuff in squeeze bottles.

When I have fresh lemons and limes on hand, I love to juice them to add a little pop to my dishes. But I don't enjoy picking out the seeds, which is a must if you have picky children like mine. And if a recipe calls for more than a squirt? Well, maybe you're better at it than I am, but I only ever get about an eighth of a cup of juice from a lemon when I squeeze it by hand.

This 2-in-1 lemon and lime squeezer extracts more juice than I can, and it leaves all the pulp and seeds behind. It's a handy tool you'll find yourself using again and again; just flip the center piece up when juicing lemons and leave it down for limes. Amazon has it for just over $20--pricier than some similar tools, but this one seems built to last.