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Joseph Joseph Can-Do opens cans another way

The Joseph Joseph Can-Do Can Opener features a unique shape. With the handle on top, the can opener is designed for lefty or righty usage.

Score a goal with the puck-shaped Joseph Joseph Can-Do Can Opener.
Score a goal with the puck-shaped Joseph Joseph Can-Do Can Opener. Joseph Joseph

Some kitchen tools and gadgets get reinvented on a seemingly regular basis. While at first glance this may seem like an exercise in redundancy, this is not always the case. Perhaps some items could be thought of as mere steps in an ongoing process and we happen to be somewhere in the middle of the continuum. Perhaps someday, somebody will build a better mousetrap (or kitchen gadget) and the world beat a path to their door. Or perhaps, the end of the line is already here.

The Joseph Joseph Can-Do ($15) is the latest entry in the race to build a better can opener. Now granted, this is not a very fast-moving race, but for some the implications may be important. For instance, this odd-looking contraption is designed for use by lefties and righties. Try using a regular can opener with the opposite hand and it will become easy to see why this would matter to left-handers. For the rest of us, the lack of a bulky, protruding handle allows the puck-shaped can opener to be stored easily.

It's probably safe to say that can openers have been around as long as cans have. It's also probably safe to say that sooner or later there will be a new can opener design to explore again. Of course, this is all dependent on one condition: that somebody doesn't reinvent the can.