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Jim Beam Bradley Smoker adds flavor to meals

The Jim Beam Bradley Smoker makes for a heck of a brisket. Oh, and it lets you show off your whiskey preference at the same time.

The Jim Beam Bradley Smoker.
The Jim Beam Bradley Smoker. Bradley Smoker

For my family, summertime means that we pull out the smoker and cook some ribs and a couple of briskets.

The Jim Beam Bradley Smoker is more than up to that challenge. And in my family, considering the secret ingredient in our sauce, having Jim Beam's name on the side of the smoker is very fitting. The Jim Beam Bradley smoker is meant for outdoor use, with a smoke generator that automatically feeds it wood briquettes. It has a 500-watt stainless-steel heating bar and a 125-watt burner, which  perfect for that slow-cooking that is necessary for ribs that just fall off the bone. It has a digital control panel that gives you control of the cook time, smoke, and temperature. With this smoker,  you won't have to worry about not having enough room as it has four racks.

At 14 inches deep by 17 inches wide by 31 inches tall, the Jim Beam Bradley Smoker is big enough to smoke an entire turkey for Thanksgiving. While it requires specialized wood bisquettes, they are available in 10 types of wood, which you can match to anything you might put on the menu. The system does lets you spend a little less time monitoring the smoker as it cooks the food and it can handle roasting and grilling. It's available from Amazon for $424.54 and includes free shipping.