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It's OK to play with an iBlock in the kitchen

The John Boos iBlock Cutting Board & Stand makes it easy to use a tablet while cooking. The handy kitchen helper ships with a few protective sleeves to get things rolling.

The Boos Block iBlock gives new meaning to playing with blocks for young and old.
The Boos Block iBlock gives new meaning to playing with blocks for young and old.
Kitchen Source

Contrary to the wishes of some anonymous rule maker, it is OK to play with your food. Someone, sometime was probably doing just that when he or she discovered something simple like the fact that peanut butter and jelly go together. This oversimplified example goes to show that many things in the kitchen are not necessarily intuitive (although at this point it's pretty hard to imagine PB&J ever not being a thing). However, if inspiration for the new by trial and error conjures up images of playful experiments gone wrong, there is a modern helper.

Cooking apps allow for discovery in the kitchen without getting your hands dirty (or sticky), but as far as playing with food goes that is just the start. The John Boos iBlock Cutting Board & Stand ($79.95 - $119.95) gives a helping hand when it's time to dive in and do some actual cooking. Combining a cutting board with a tablet stand, the kitchen tool looks to be an everyday item for making meals new and old.

Available in cherry, walnut or maple, the Boos Block can be used as a tablet stand with or without the block in place. In use, the edge grain cutting board offers a 12-inch by 12-inch work area, creating a nice-sized space for food preparation. And while classic combinations such as PB&J have long since been discovered, plenty more await discovery just by playing around with a recipe app.