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It's all gravy with the heated gravy boat

The Deni Electric Gravy Warmer keeps gravy warm throughout the meal.

Good to the last drop.
Chef's Catalog

There are more ways than one that heated gravy can be a tricky mealtime endeavor. The essential accompaniment to many meals, gravy is quite often the highlight of the meal. Trouble is, sometimes it can be difficult to keep on the table, and not just because of its wonderful flavor. Sometimes the mad rush of the kitchen keeps all the stovetop burners occupied, making finding a place for warm gravy a difficult task. Other times, the length of the meal exceeds the heat of the gravy and you are left with a cold, unappetizing soup that nobody wants to pour over turkey and mashed potatoes. And when it comes to second helpings, this gravy disaster reaches entirely new levels.

This travesty of gravy can be averted with the Deni Electric Gravy Warmer. The heated server allows for gravies and sauces to be prepared at your own convenience. The power cord detaches from the base providing for an uncluttered table during dinnertime. The stainless steel base retains heat, while the serving boat with pour spout make passing it around the table a breeze.

Holding 18 ounces while measuring 10 inches by 4.75 inches with a height under 4 inches, the heated gravy boat is sure to find a place at your dinner table. The serving device can also be used for other purposes such as warming syrup for pancakes or keeping hot fudge at the ready for dessert dishes. Just remember to wash it out before going from gravy to hot fudge; that combination doesn't really work too well. And, yes: the ceramic serving boat is dishwasher-safe.