iPad Notes app not syncing

Users may experience an issue with their iPad where the Notes application will not sync with their notes on their Mac.

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Some users have been having an issue wherein their iPad's Notes application will not sync with their notes on the Mac. Generally, the Notes application will put synced notes into a folder in your Mac's Mail application under the On My Mac section. Should this syncing not work properly, here are some steps to take.

Apple Support Discussions user nospammers2010 reports:

"Everything is syncing fine for me except Notes. I tried resetting the sync history but it didn't help. Any ideas???"
Another ASD user, Edmund Perali, found this workaround worked for the Notes syncing issue:
"OK here is what I found. After this happened on my iPad it also wouldn't sync with my iPhone. Then I tried just editing ONE of the notes on the mac and that one note would then sync properly. I just went in and by hand made simple edits to all the notes (I don't have that many) and that cleared up the confusion.

So it seems somehow the notes get fubared until you edit and cause a new clean sync. This may not work for you if you have many notes, and IT DOES reset the last edit date of the note in case you care."

Depending on the amount of notes you have, the above workaround could prove tedious. You might first attempt resetting your iPad and resyncing in iTunes. If that does not solve the issue, try restoring your iPad to factory settings, using your backup to restore your data. Before attempting these types of troubleshooting steps it would be wise to back up any essential notes by first e-mailing them to yourself. As ASD user Edmund Perali notes, you may lose the original creation date of your notes when you edit via his method, or restore via iTunes.

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