iPad mini on Three starts at £79, deals dish out 15GB data

Three has revealed prices for the new iPad mini with a retina display, including deals that cut the cost you pay up front.

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Three has revealed prices for the new iPad mini with a retina display, on sale on Friday from £79 and including deals that cut the cost you pay up front.

There are two contracts available, £25 and £29 options. Both come with 15GB of data and last two years, so the more expensive monthly cost buys you a cheaper price for the iPad when you sign up. But over the length of the contract the total cost adds up to be about forty quid more than if you plump for the higher initial cost, so you may as well bite the bullet and pay more up front.

The 16GB model costs £129 on the two-year contract costing £25. The £29 option with the same data drops the initial price to £79.

The 32GB model costs £199 with the cheaper deal, or £149 on the more deal.

The 64GB version will set you back £269 with the £25 deal, or £219 on the £29 contract.

If you don't want a contract, the 16GB model costs £419, the 32GB model £499 and the 64GB version £579. Pay £7.50 per month for 1GB of data or £15 for 10GB.

The 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models are on sale without a SIM card now for £319, £399 and £479 respectively. The new mini is currently in short supply -- the Apple Store on Regent Street has it in stock, but you have to reserve online before you go to the store. You can also buy online from Currys and PC World, and branches expect to have the new tablet on shelves from Thursday.

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