iPad 2 price drop nets recent iPad buyers a £100 refund

Bought an Apple iPad recently? Fortunately, Apple is offering a £100 refund thanks to the iPad 2.

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Richard Trenholm
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Bought an Apple iPad recently? Feeling pretty chuffed with your new purchase? Yeeeahhhh, there's something you should know: yesterday, Apple went ahead and unveiled the iPad 2. We may have mentioned it.

The iPad 2 arrives in the UK on 25 March. Apple has dropped the price of the original iPad in the meantime, so it now starts at £329 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model without 3G. Previously, the tablet started at £429.

The price drop is the sort of thing we'd want shop assistants to warn us about, but they're as in the dark as we are. Fortunately, Apple is extending the new low, low price to anyone who's bought an original iPad in the past two weeks. If that's you, contact Apple to find out how to claim your £100 refund, and don't forget your receipt. Click here for Apple's returns policy.

You can also choose to return ye olde iPad if you bought it in the last fortnight. Perhaps you want to swap it for the new version; we tested the dual-core iPad 2 and found it was 4x faster than the original, although an update to iOS 4.3 will speed up older iPads considerably.

Is dual-core speed and a low-resolution camera enough to tempt you to buy the new iPad, or does the lack of overwhelming new features make the older, cheaper model look like a bargain? Tell us your thoughts in the comments -- and if you have bought an original iPad and are after a refund, let us know how you get on.

Click here to see the iPad 2 up close and personal in our pictures. If you are tempted, here's our guide to where you can buy it in the UK, and how much will it cost.