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iOn targets hunters with camouflaged CamoCam

Skinned in Realtree camouflage, this action cam won't give your location away while you're on the hunt.


So you're going hunting and you've spent all this money and time to blend in with your environment, only to have your mounted POV camera give you away. Sure, you could make your own camouflage to keep it hidden or you can just choose the CamoCam from iOn.

Skinned with official Realtree Xtra-designed camouflage, the CamoCam is essentially the iOn Air Pro 2 Wi-Fi action cam , a lightweight, simple-to-operate 1080p action cam that's waterproof without needing a housing, and captures very good video plus 14-megapixel photos.


Also, as the name implies, it has Wi-Fi so you can use your iOS or Android device as a wireless remote control for the camera, or to view and download video and photos from the camera to your smartphone.

Of course, a camouflaged camera is no good if your mount isn't hidden too, so iOn will have a Realtree Xtra mount that will be included with the CamoCam, and which attaches to the barrel of a firearm, fishing net, or a compound bow's stabilizer bar.

It will land in Walmart stores -- both brick-and-mortar and online -- this fall for $300.