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Intel's drones are helping restore the Great Wall of China

The drones will be used to inspect and map the famous Jiankou part of the Great Wall, which may have suffered weather damage over the years.

Great Wall of China, Jiankou wild and unrestored section

Jiankou is a section of the Great Wall of China known for being a photographic hot spot with its unique style, steep mountains and beautiful scenery.

Getty Images

One of the most scenic stretches of the Great Wall of China will be getting some drone help from Intel for maintenance.

The partnership between the chipmaker and the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation will see the Jiankou section, known for its steep climbs and scenic views, captured by aerial shots from Intel Falcon 8+ drones.

With the help of artificial Intelligence, the high-definition 3D images will create a visual representation of the wall that will make it easier to check and identify damaged sections in need of repair.

"As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall has been exposed to weather erosion for thousands of years," Li Xiaojie, China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation chairman, said in a statement. "Some parts are on steep inclines, which pose a great challenge for daily maintenance. Our partnership with Intel has opened new avenues for preservation."