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Intel's 32TB 'ruler' SSD is super weird

This extradense solid-state drive has an unusual shape, designed to maximize efficiency for cloud storage.

Walden Kirsch/Intel

Intel has invented a new shape for solid state drives: the "ruler." It's a foot-long housing primarily for use in datacenters. 

Intel describes its 32TB DC P4500 as "the world's densest SSD." By combining 32 of these "rulers" together you can hold up to 1 petabyte of data -- that's a thousand terabytes.

The new design is intended to reduce cooling costs and take up a fraction of the space of traditional 2.5-inch drives.

The ruler is an enterprise product only. It has its PCIe NVMe connection on one end, so its 12-inch length wouldn't fit if you tried to use it in a consumer system. You can read more from our business-minded colleagues at

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