Indoor luxury goes out

An outdoor kitchen rivals the one you have in your house.

What would you say to a new kitchen that started at around $5,500? Pretty good deal, even if it is outdoors.

Wait, where are we? Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens

That's right, we've got another contender in the outdoor kitchen category--Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens. Weatherproof perma-panel engineering and custom wood designs in teak and cypress give these outdoor kitchens a unique look and full functionality.

The polymer construction of these cabinets can withstand well over 100-degree heat or temperatures below freezing without warping, cracking, or deteriorating over time. It's specifically designed for outdoor use.

The best part? Clean it with a garden hose and a scrub brush. In other words, you can probably con your kids into doing it.

Choose from nine colors and nine different door styles, and create a custom outdoor island perfect for your own entertaining needs.