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Indecent Exposure 68: Inky extents (podcast)

Calibration on the cheap, fun with focal length and back-to-back black contest photos.

Calibration on the cheap, fun with focal length and back-to-back black contest photos.


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Last topic: Black
Winner: Black Skull

Honorable mentions: Black Hole, Saving Black

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Today's questions


Lori and Matt

Thanks for the info about sharpening, I've read the article you posted and I can't wait to get home and start playing with it against some of my photos. Got another question for you. How do you or what do you use for calibrating your monitors? I've seen some relatively inexpensive calibration equipment and I was wondering if it was worth it to spend the $50-60 for the gear or just go off of some test prints. I recently replaced one of my dual monitors and there's a vast difference between both of them. I don't know which one to trust at this point.