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Indecent Exposure 59: Inflamed exhaust (podcast)

Dreams of going pro, avoiding a flash fry, and smoke gets in your eyes.

Dreams of going pro, avoiding a flash fry, and smoke gets in your eyes.


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Samsung's new snapshooters, the connectivity-loaded CL65 and LCD-happy TL225


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Exercises and experiments

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Today's questions
Going pro

I don't have an entry for this week but i do have a question for you or for any listeners out there. My fiancée and I just returned from a workshop with a professional equine photographer out of Santa Fe and to our surprise he was very impressed with our work and encouraged us to start showing some of our pieces in local galleries or art shows (we are in TN). We are very excited to venture into the world of professional photography and get into some arts & crafts shows in our area but right now all we have are our digital files. If you have any advice on how to quickly and cheaply get a printed body of work together and how to present it at an outdoor art show it would be greatly appreciated.
We will be looking for these things and anything else you can think of before the local fall art festivals begin:

  • inexpensive place to get prints of various sizes made (having them matted would be a plus and maybe some on canvas)
  • best ideas for displaying work and where to find cheap materials (tents, displays, etc)
  • pricing ideas? best to price low for more sales or high for more profit?
Thanks Lori, Matt, and anyone else that can help us out!

Avoiding a flash fry

I wanted to ask if anyone has herd of or had an issue with flashes being not compatible with the newer equipment? I have a Canon 40D and an old Speedlite 220 from my old 35mm Canon Rebel. I have heard that there is an issue with the voltages on some of the older flashes that can cause it to "KILL" the newer cameras. I have not been able to verify this and if so is there a safe way to use these flashes. I am afraid to try it as of yet. Also can anyone recommend a similar flash head to the Speedlite 430EXII?, maybe for less cash. I am limited I would like the 580EXII features at the 430EXII price. I am not sure if Metz or an other brand would be as comparable.
Thanks a bunch!
Keith Macke

Use old flashes on new DSLR cameras.
Strobe Trigger Voltages