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Indecent Exposure 52: Invalidated expectations (podcast)

Back in the saddle again, with reviewer rants, a farewell to Kodachrome, and foodalicious photos.

Reviewer rants, a farewell to Kodachrome, and foodalicious photos.

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Episode 52

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Olympus E-P1 review


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Last topic: Food
Winner: Tomato

Honorable mention: Strawberry's Dew

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Today's questions
Whither viewfinders?

I know you haven't reviewed this yet. So you can either answer this now, or when you do the review.
This camera looks to be exactly what I want. I have a Nikon Ftn, and a couple of point-n-shoots, and need more. More control. What I can't figure out is why does the E-P1 not have an eye-level viewfinder? I don't want to use a big LCD screen and have to hold the camera away from my face, out where it can shake and wobble. Can't they (global camera vendors) put a small LCD in a window in the back so you'd have an electronic view?
I understand why an SLR has a mirror, but I don't understand why DSLRs keep having them. All the consumer DSLRs seem to use "mirror box" rather than a proper pentaprism, which I understand saves both money and weight.
Back in the 60s, there was a reason that SLRs won out over wonderful rangefinders like the Leica. OK, I get it. Why not something that works like a Leica at a price mortals can aford?
Love the show

Macro tubes

Just wondering is it better to use filters for macro or extension tubes? I have never used the tubes and was curious is it worth the expense of auto focus ones or stick with the manual focus?