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Indecent Exposure 3: Inconveniently expelled

We discuss the thrills of macro photography, the chills of post-9/11 street photography, and thankfully, have no spills of any kind.

We bring on the thrills of macro photography, the chills of post-September 11 street photography, and thankfully, have no spills.

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Shutter-lag woes

I love CNET's reviews on digital photography, and I was happy to see the addition of your podcast.
I have been taking 35mm pictures for years, first with an Argus C-3 (my Dad's), and then with SLR's (Minolta SRT101, Canon AE-1). I have switched to digital photography, but I can not justify the big bucks for a good dSLR.
My biggest problem is when I take action pictures, I am used to pressing the shutter just when I want to take the picture. I have missed many a shot due to shutter lag. Would you be able to discuss this on the podcast?
--Ian Winkler

Snapshot camera for dSLR shooter

I currently shoot with a Canon digital rebel, which I enjoy, but the problem is that I can't take it everywhere with me. I would really like to have a great point and shoot that is small enough to easily carry around, but also gives me a lot of manual options. I'm not asking what is the best camera to buy. I would like to ask if there are point and shoot cameras out there that can satisfy most of the needs for people like me who are only used to shooting with SLRs? If so, is now a good time to buy one of these cameras?
--Ryan, North Dakota