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HTC Flyer shown dripping in Honeycomb

Screenshots have emerged showing a Honeycomb build for the HTC Flyer, complete with the company's new Sense for tablets 1.1.

HTC's 7-inch Flyer tablet, yet to be released in Australia, is on the verge of an update to the Android Honeycomb 3.2 platform, which is a big change from the Gingerbread platform it launched on.

Honeycomb Flyer: the home screen, note pad for Scribe and the lock screen. (Credit: This is my next)

The team over at This is my next asked nicely for a few screenshots of the upcoming update after learning that a modder on the MoDaCo forum had found and installed the new software on a modified Flyer. Unlike most builds of Android we've played with until now, the Flyer appears to use a heavily HTC-tweaked version of the platform, with new iconography, support for the company's Scribe capacitive pen and HTC's newish "ring pull"-style screen unlock.

We had been wondering whether the HTC Flyer was still on the Australian roadmap, perhaps Peter Chou and crew had decided to wait until this update was ready before launching it outside the US and parts of Europe? Time will tell.

Via This is my next; more pics can be found when you click through to that site.