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HP TouchPad on sale in UK today

The HP TouchPad goes on sale in the UK today. Will you buy one or is there another tablet you've got your eye on?

The HP TouchPad has finally gone on sale in the UK today.

We've reviewed the TouchPad, and we weren't too enamoured with it. Its webOS operating system is intuitive, straightforward and slick, and its Web browser supports Flash, which is always a bonus. But it's a rather chunky fellow and there's no 3G version, so you'll be stuck indoors using a Wi-Fi connection to do your Web cruising.

Battery life is also poor compared to that of the iPad 2, which has a battery so long-lasting it could survive for 30 years on a desert island, learning to craft primitive tools and training monkey butlers.

The app selection is poor as well. Because the webOS operating system is new, developers haven't built much software for it yet. You won't get the same delightful smorgasbord of apps that you'll find in the Android Market or Apple App Store.

Still, competition in the tablet arena is always welcome and, given more time, it's possible that HP will refine the operating system, apps will spring up and the TouchPad will become a much more tempting proposition. Launching a whole new ecosystem is never easy, so we'll be watching with interest to see how the TouchPad performs now that it's on sale.

If you're the sort that likes to stand out from the crowd, then you can buy the 16GB TouchPad for £400 or the 32GB version for £480.

Are you planning on buying one? If not, which tablet do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.