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HP LaserJet 1018: Cheap as chips laser printer

Psst! Want a laser printer for next to nothing? You've got just a week to scoop up your very own LJ 1018 for pennies

Laser printers are normally rather pricey, especially compared to inkjets. Thankfully HP's executives, presumably enjoying some kind of recreational substance, have gone and slashed the price of its LaserJet 1018.

They've cut its price from £80 to just £49. In English money that's just under two ponies, a bullseye or five Ayrton Sennas. Whatever you call it, it's a complete bargain: the monochrome LJ 1018 is nippy enough with a quoted 12 pages per minute print speed, and can spit out the first page in just 10 seconds.

We're off to buy three: one for the home, one for the office, and one to hollow out and turn into the kind of apparatus those HP chaps used to help them achieve a state of price-slashing euphoria. The LaserJet 1018 is available from PC World for £49 from Wednesday, 23, August until the 29th August. -RR