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HP EliteBooks to ship with AMD's Kaveri Mobile APU

The latest 700 series business laptops will be powered by AMD's new mobile platform.

HP EliteBooks Hewlett-Packard

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Hewlett-Packard's new EliteBooks, announced at this week's Computex trade show here, will be the first to ship with AMD's new Kaveri Mobile APUs, or accelerated processing units.

The EliteBook 700 series have screen sizes ranging from 12.5 inches to 15.6 inches.

AMD claims its new A-Series PRO APUs will offer equal or better performance against Intel processors but do better in 3D and gaming. The notebooks will also feature better video playback, as well as add gesture control and face log-in support for webcams.

TrueAudio, another feature found on the Kaveri platform, is capable of delivering multi-channel positional audio-using software and the CPU to do the work. Developers will, however, need to implement these features in their games.

All in all, these features seem to make the EliteBook ideal budget gaming notebooks, though bear in mind the three announced EliteBooks are really meant to be business devices.

Specs wise, the 12.5-inch EliteBook 725 comes with either a 1,366x768-pixel or 1,920x1,080-pixel display, with optional 4G built-in. The 14-inch EliteBook 745 will have similar resolutions but with the additional choice of a 1,600x900-pixel display as well as a touchscreen option, while the EliteBook 755 is the largest of the lot at 15.6 inches and can come with touchscreen capabilities as well as an anti-glare display.

The notebooks are expected to be available in June in the US, with prices starting from $739 to $799. For those looking for Intel-powered EliteBooks, those will debut in August.