How to recover your iTunes account ID

If you have forgotten your iTunes ID, meaning you can't play DRM-protected music or otherwise access your account, there is an easy way to look it up.

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If you have regularly used iTunes to purchase music and movies, then you may have a significant collection of titles that are tied to your specific iTunes account. However, if you have used more than one iTunes account, then you may run into trouble if you cannot remember the account ID you used to purchase the items.

iTunes log-in prompt
The iTunes log-in prompt offers no way to retrieve a forgotten ID. Screenshot by Topher Kessler/CNET

At the very least, if the songs are DRM-protected and you have not authorized your system to play them, then iTunes will present you with a notice to log in to your account before it will play them.

While Apple offers a quick password recovery link in the authorization window, this requires you first enter a valid corresponding Apple ID, so if you have forgotten your iTunes account ID, then you may be at somewhat of a loss for what to enter. However, there is an easy way to look this up using the items you have already purchased.

iTunes information window
The iTunes ID will be in the location of the blue box, when you get information on a previously purchased song or movie. Screenshot by Topher Kessler/CNET

As shown in this Apple knowledgebase article, each song or movie you purchase in iTunes will be tagged with your name and the account used, so you can use this to find your lost account username.

To view this information, simply select any song or movie and press Command-I or choose "Get Info" from the File menu. Then in the Summary tab of the window that appears (this should be the default tab), you should see the name and Apple ID listed. Now you can use this Apple ID as the username in the iTunes authorization window, and then retrieve the password as well if necessary.

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