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After months of hype, the Nintendo Switch OLED is finally available to preorder. It's not always easy to track down, but if you know where to look, order pages for the Nintendo Switch OLED in both the white variant and the classic red-and-blue variant have been regularly popping up at online retailers all over the place. To help you find what you need, we're keeping this article updated regularly with any new information we find. 


What is new about this Switch?

While there had been rumors of a new console from Nintendo with a huge upgrade to visuals and performance, reality is a little different. This new Nintendo Switch will have a slightly larger 7-inch OLED display while delivering the same 720p resolution when not in its cradle and 1080p visuals when connected to your television. The increase in screen size also led to a slight increase in the size of the Nintendo Switch body, but not enough to make it so your favorite Joy-Cons are incompatible with the console. 

For a full breakdown of what's new and different about this Switch, check out this OLED Nintendo Switch explainer from CNET's own Scott Stein

When can I buy the new Nintendo Switch OLED?

Right now! The new Nintendo Switch OLED doesn't actually start shipping until Oct. 8, but you could preorder the console starting July 15. If you preorder the console now, there's a good chance it will be at your door waiting for you by Oct. 8. All you need to do is be at the preorder page at the right time, and to do that we have a few recommended practices:

  • Only buy from official retailers; if you see someone selling this console on Twitter it's almost assuredly a scam. 
  • Be sure to read the whole order page, as many retailers have started implementing two-stage purchasing systems to stop bots from placing the order instead of a person. Best Buy, for example, has you click "Buy" once to join the queue, and then you must wait for the button to light up again to actually add the console to your cart. 
  • Don't give up right away! If something happens to your preorder and you're unable to complete the transaction, keep refreshing. Retailers have been intentionally releasing stock in small quantities to discourage bots from buying. 

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Where can I preorder the new Nintendo Switch OLED?

You can grab a spot in line to order the Nintendo Switch from just about all of your favorite gaming retailers at this point. We've collected all of the options we can find here. 

Here's where we've seen stock show up in the last week:

  • Gamestop (7/20)
  • Amazon (7/16)
  • Walmart (7/16)
  • Best Buy (7/15)
  • Target (7/15)

We have these regularly updated, so you know where to go first. 


Score a Nintendo Switch in the new black-and-white color scheme from GameStop. 


Preorder the latest Nintendo Switch with the classic Mario-themed Joy-Cons from GameStop. 


Nintendo's latest Switch is available to preorder at Amazon in the new black-and-white color scheme. 


Catch the Mario-themed Nintendo Switch OLED at Amazon while you can. 


Grab the Nintendo Switch in the new black-and-white color at Target while you can.


Grab the Nintendo Switch in the classic Mario-themed colors while you can at Target.


The new Nintendo Switch.


Grab the latest Nintendo Switch with the classic Mario-themed Joy-Cons and the all-black TV dock for the Oct. 8 launch. 


Walmart has the Nintendo Switch OLED available in bursts, so if you see it listed as not available just refresh in a few minutes.


Walmart has the Nintendo Switch OLED for preorder, but the inventory isn't being sold all at once. Refresh every few minutes and more consoles might become available.

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