How to get iMovie and iPad 2 four-finger multi-touch on your iPad 1

Just because you've got a creaky old iPad doesn't mean you have to be stuck behind the times now the iPad 2 is here. Here's how to get iMovie and new iPad 2 gestures on your original Apple tablet.

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Just because you've got a creaky old Apple iPad doesn't mean you have to be stuck behind the times now the iPad 2 is here. The new version of Apple's world-conquering tablet brings with it a whole set of new software including iOS 4.3 and iMovie, but with a moment's fiddling about you can add these programs to your first-generation iPad.

iOS 4.3 was unveiled alongside the iPad 2, and included in the new operating system is a selection of new ways to swipe, poke and tap on your iPad or iPhone. The Unofficial Apple Weblog has instructions for enabling the new multi-tasking gesture controls on your old iPad, which involves pretending to be a developer.

That means downloading app-developer tool Xcode to your Mac (sorry, it's not available on Windows unless you run a virtual machine) from the Mac App Store, and putting on your developer hat. Pretty much any old hat will do. Some warnings about having the correct developer credentials may pop up during the process -- you can ignore them as long as you are wearing your developer hat.

When you're done, you should be able to pinch four or five fingers to go to the home screen, swipe up for the multi-tasking bar to see all your open apps, and swipe left or right to move between apps. You don't have to keep the hat on if you don't want to.

Next, you might want to install iMovie. It's designed for the camera and fast processor of the iPad 2, so you can't download the app from the App Store. Fortunately, AppAdvice reckons you can be editing video on the go with just a few clicks once you've downloaded iMovie from the Mac App Store and iPhone Configuration Utility for your tablet.

Are you sticking with your original iPad -- or are you tempted to pick up a bargain on an older model now you can get some of the new software features?