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Hot meals ready when you are with Hot Logic

Hot Logic appliances are designed heat or cook a meal and then maintain that temperature until you are ready to eat.

From freezer to Hot Logic to plate.
From freezer to Hot Logic to plate.
Hot Logic

Whether it is marked by the clanging of a steel bar against a metal triangle or a pinging of a kitchen timer, the call of "it's ready!" is one that is and will always be met with great anticipation. The instant satisfaction that you get from seeing a hot meal placed before you is one that is primal yet somehow tinged in sophistication -- especially when the meal is ready when you want it to be.

The Hot Logic appliances are a set of slow cooker shelves that keep food hot and ready to eat exactly when you are. Dubbing itself the "ultimate slow cooker" the device is for use at home or in an office break room and can heat or reheat full meals. Like a warming tray or an electric burner, conduction heating is used to slowly heat prepackaged frozen meals or storage containers full of leftovers. When the meal is ready, a simple light cue is used to alert eaters; blue means the shelf is heating, while solid red means chow time.

Like a doorway into another world, the enclosed shelving unit opens up to never-ending possibilities. There is some planning involved, because it takes an hour or two for foods to cook, but the trade-off is there are no modes or settings to contend with. It is even designed to work with frozen meals in their original (sealed) packaging, which is the really neat part of the device; full meals can go from freezer to shelf without a second thought -- and be ready in less than a second, too.