Holiday cookies you can sink your teeth into

The Fred ABC Cookie Cutter lets you express your true holiday spirit.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets

Didn't this guy have a bit part in Shrek? Worldwide Fred

Ah, the holidays. Company descends upon the house, forcing you to live in a state of cleanliness not normally seen; forcing you to play the gracious hostess, with trays of home-baked goodies and endlessly flowing libations; forcing you to welcome yet another long-lost relative you really don't care about.

Well, now you can get a little bit passive-aggressive and have a good time doing it. When you make your next batch of gingerbread men, use these absolutely fantastic "ABC" (already been chewed) cookie cutters. If they don't make you laugh, you just don't have a sense of humor.

Set out a plate of these babies, and enjoy the reactions. People will definitely do a double take, and more than a few will probably decide to forgo your culinary creations. Which is just fine, because it means more cookies for you.

p> Joking aside, these cookie cutters are top-quality cast aluminum, which means they'll hold their shape and won't resemble amorphous lumps after a week or two. There are no seams or sharp edges, so the cutters are kid-safe (if you don't mind your children seeing graphic images of mutilated gingerbread men) and easy to clean.