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Hold that precisely engineered sandwich in place on the go

The Unikia Compleat FoodSkin is a flexible lunchbox. One side is an elastic silicone skin, so it molds to the shape of its contents.

Yes, you'll see your lunch's contours with the Unikia Compleat FoodSkin.
Yes, you'll see your lunch's contours with the Unikia Compleat FoodSkin.

Preparing a meal in your very own home kitchen is an everyday process that combines familiarity and comfort with the end result being deliciousness. But just because a meal is made in the kitchen, doesn't necessarily mean one gets to enjoy it at home. Sometimes, food just has to be taken to go. Naturally, the more portable the better.

Storage containers of every shape and size imaginable have for years dotted kitchen supply store shelves and virtual aisles and for good reason -- food is such a personal endeavor that it only makes sense that there be numerous methods for transporting it. Despite the abundance of options, there are still solutions waiting to be made. Take for example, the sandwich-inclined and their endless battle with plastic wrap.

The Unikia Compleat FoodSkin is a flexible food transportation container that is clever in its simplicity. The flexible lunchbox is made of a rigid base that is covered by an elastic silicone skin. Place your food to go on the base and fold to close. The elastic skin molds to the shape of the contents. The stylish accessory costs about 25 euros (they ship globally), which seems worth it if only to never have to have a fight with plastic wrap again. Sandwich lovers, rejoice.

Via Book of Joe