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Hanging out with a Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja Professional Blender is a powerful 1,000-watt machine that is also versatile. The six-bladed blender breaks down ingredients easily.

This blender goes to six.
This blender goes to six.

Blending isn't a delicate operation: the idea is basically to pulverize the heck out of something. Be that as it may, how blenders actually get the job done can vary. They differ in style, power consumption, or how well they distribute the ingredients to be pulverized. One way to increase the efficiency is to make sure that every little bit gets a chance to interact with a blade. And how might a blender accomplish this? By adding an extra blade set. Or two.

Given the chance to play with the new Ninja Professional Blender, I got to see if three blade sets were indeed better than one. The first thing that is noticeable is that instead of a simple blade resting at the bottom of the blending jar, the Ninja incorporates three sets of two blades each along a central axis. The result is an axle-type rod that runs through the center of the jar. With the blades evenly spaced through the unit, they made quick work of the apples I tested. When I tried three whole (big) carrots, the machine turned them into perfect little chunks with ease.

Having a blender that thinks it's a food processor is great and all, but when it comes to blenders, one thing really matters: drinks! I threw in several dozen ice cubes (for testing purposes, of course), and they were immediately transformed into a fine powder. Clearly this 1,000-watt blender with its 72-ounce capacity and six-blade system is designed for entertaining. As a nice extra feature--perhaps added simply because of its party-friendly nature--is the fact that the blender won't start with the lid off, turning blender-related party fouls into something from the past. Versatile and efficient all around. It's available for purchase for around $100.