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Hands-free juicer wakes up the morning for you

The Hands Free Juicer makes mornings as easy as can be.

How did we ever get through mornings without it?
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Mornings aren't the best time to try to tackle any activity that requires a modicum of coordination. Just walking is pushing it as it is. Food and appliance manufacturers understand this predicament and have given the world groundbreaking devices, from premade frozen breakfast sandwiches to automatic-timer coffee makers. While these autopilot-enabling advances may create streamlined mornings, they don't necessarily offer the healthiest of options.

It's hard to deny that a freshly squeezed glass of juice packs more of a punch than that of one poured from a carton. However, as healthy and delicious as it may be, creating a glass of juice requires the one thing that mornings do not have in abundance: the capability for effort. Luckily, there is now an answer.

The Hands Free Juicer makes making juice as easy as can be. The small 13-inch-by-7-inch appliance is conveniently sized, making it easy to leave out on the countertop. Ready and waiting for you in the morning, all that is required for freshly squeezed juice is simply to put half a globe of fruit in the reamer, and the machine does the rest--no need to press down on the top. Now if they can just figure out how to cut that orange open for us, too.