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Tired of fingers getting in the way you slice round vegetables? The Stainless Steel Slicing Guide holds everything in place.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

Whether I'm slicing onions, tomatoes, or potatoes, I always worry that whatever I'm cutting is going to get away from me. It's tough to hold round vegetables and fruits in such a way that you can safely slice them. However, the Stainless Steel Slicing Guide offers a solution that holds produce, like onions, in place while getting your fingers entirely out of the way.

The guide is 18/10 stainless steel with sharp heavy-duty prongs that can slide into just about anything you care to slice. Push it into a piece of produce and use the handle to steady it while sliding a knife between the prongs and cutting thin slices. With the handle, your fingers don't get anywhere near the blade, but you can still keep the produce in one place.

The Stainless Steel Slicing Guide offers more than a safer slicing option. If you're working on a dish where the appearance is important, it guarantees you thin, even slices that make your meals look professional. If you're willing to add a few holes to other food, you can use the guide to slice up a lot more than just produce. It can act as a brace for slicing bread, or just about anything else.The Stainless Steel Slicing Guide is $9.99.