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Grill tongs light the way into the night

Perfect for those that tend to get carried away while at the grill, the Steven Raichlen LumaTongs feature two LED bulbs for extended-hours grilling.

Keep on grillin'.
Sur La Table

Home grilling enthusiasts tend to be hands-on types. Just playing with fire is enough to warrant constant attention, but the additional fact that food is involved necessitates a level of commitment not always required in the kitchen.

While ovens tend to be consistent (one would hope), the same cannot be said about grilling over an open flame; results are dependent on several variables, which in turn means one can be standing over the grill longer than expected--often even after the sun goes down.

While common sense might dictate that when the lights go out, its time to move the cooking inside, but in reality that just doesn't happen. Grillers tend to be an obsessive bunch and don't give in easily. For those that refuse to let the embers die, there is a new grill accessory designed to at least make it easier.

The Steven Raichlen LumaTongs feature two LED bulbs attached directly to the handle, allowing for easy visibility even after the sun goes down. The 20-inch locking tongs offer motivated grillers the ability to ditch their old, non-illuminated grill accessories and upgrade to something on par with their sensibilities. As a final consideration, when the mounted plastic light case is removed, the tongs are then made dishwasher-safe--a feature anyone can appreciate, stubborn griller or not.