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Greeting the morning with more than toast

The DeLonghi 2-Slice Adjustable Toaster makes it easy to toast oversize items.

So easy a non-morning person can do it.

Mornings can be fraught with difficulty. Navigating the treacherous confines of the refrigerator all too often leads to breakfast dashed upon the shores of our kitchen counters. Some of us seek morning sustenance in a manner that is as easy as can be, and have learned that to get through those fateful first minutes of the day the best advice is to simply keep it easy. This evolution of understanding has made it clear that nothing more complicated than a toaster is safe to operate in the morning. As such, bread products are the favored breakfast item--until faced with the uncertainty of how to toast an oversize item in an undersized slot.

Fitting a square peg into a round hole is never an easy task, and mornings don't make it any easier. For this reason, the DeLonghi 2-Slice Adjustable Toaster is essential morning equipment. Featuring one long adjustable width slot, the toaster can accommodate any number of oversize breakfast items with a simple press of a lever. A bagel function provides for one-sided toasting, while a high and low temperature setting gives users in-depth control.

No longer is it necessary for non-morning people to be confined to a simple slice of toast. With a toaster designed to be able to handle any number of breakfast items, the world of pastries, bagels and croissants is now open to us. Now if only someone would show us how to operate the coffeemaker.