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Grate and go

If you're used to getting cheese all over the counter when you're grating, the Progressive Grate-and-Store is going to be a pleasant surprise. The grater snaps over a bowl to eliminate mess.

The Progressive Grate-and-Store
Sur la Table

Although the Progressive Grate-and-Store comes with a few more parts than a box grater, they add up to a better hold. The set of five pieces provides for a no-mess grating experience, as well as an easy way to store any extra cheese or other ingredients that you may have shredded to excess. The Grate-and-Store comes with three grater surfaces--fine, medium, and Parmesan grater/shaker--each of which can snap on to the base. The base doubles as a bowl and has volume markings up the side that will allow you to measure how much you grate at a glance. The bowl has a 2-cup capacity. The fifth piece is a snap-on lid that that transforms the base into a storage container. It's also clear, so you can immediately tell what you've stored.

All five pieces of the Progressive Grate-and-Store are dishwasher safe. The grater surfaces and the lid can all snap on to the base at once, as well, allowing you to store all five pieces together when they aren't in use. The Grate-and-Store measures approximately six inches by five inches by four inches. You can, of course, use the Grate-and-Store to grate far more than just cheese. If you've got a craving for some coleslaw, you can quickly grate the ingredients into the bowl, add some dressing and eat on the go. It is priced at $15.