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Got grip? MonsterPod does!

MonsterPod is a gravity defying camera tripod that claims it will stick to just about any surface.

The MonsterPod sticksto almost any surface.

MonsterPod is a gravity defying camera tripod that claims it will stick to just about any surface.

Spotted at PMA Australia 2007 imaging technology expo in Melbourne, the MonsterPod is a different kind of camera tripod.

It's durable, flexible and claims to stick to over 1,000 different surfaces according to the Web site. Among the examples we were given were rocks, trees, cars, glass, metal, and even a surfboard which means it doesn't mind a bit of splashing.

Measuring approximately 115mm wide and 45mm high, and weighing a mere 170 grams, MonsterPod appears ideal for travelling photo enthusiasts. Due to its compact shape, it won't support a digital SLR as it is be unable to balance the weight of the camera, let alone one kitted out with a telephoto lens. You'll have to stick to (pardon the pun) point-and-shoot cameras -- it can hold up to approximately 285 grams.

Rocks, trees and even surfboards are among the 1,000 surfaces the 'Pod claims to adheres to.

The technology behind the MonsterPod is a patent-pending material called "viscoelastic morphing polymer" which, for those of us without a degree in molecular biology, is a rubbery, silly putty-esque material that adheres to just about any surface and can be easily removed without leaving any marks. Kinda like super-strong Blu-Tac.

We were warned not to stick it onto clothing, as delicate materials may be damaged if particles are picked up off the fabric. So we imagine that dust, dirt and other particles would be picked up by the 'Pod during use and probably cause it to become less adhesive over time.

The MonsterPod is currently available in Australia through the Borge's Imaging Web site for AU$59.40, though representatives told us they are looking for more distributors.