Google's Pixel Tablet Is $100 Less Without the Dock

Google's selling its 2023 Android tablet on its own, with more software updates on the way.

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Scott Stein

Google's affordable Pixel Tablet is now available for a little less if you skip the dock.

Amazon/ Zooey Liao/ CNET

It's been a year since Google released the Pixel Tablet, a clever new riff on Android tablets that included its own magnetically attaching speaker dock. Now, Google is selling the Pixel Tablet on its own without its clever magnetically charging speaker dock for $100 less.

Google announced the lower-cost Pixel Tablet configuration on the same day Apple announced new iPads and only a week before Google's developer and software-focused I/O conference, where new versions of Android OS are expected. One Pixel Tablet software update is already known: Google announced that Circle to Search, already available on many phones, is coming to the tablet too. 

Circle to Search is a simple way to draw a circle around something on-screen and search for it, effectively making a shortcut for searching for an image or anything else. The update I'd still like to see for the Pixel Tablet is a dedicated keyboard case accessory, but it doesn't look like that's available yet. Still, saving a hundred dollars by skipping the dock could leave a little spending room for a future keyboard, if Google felt inspired to make one.