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Google is shutting down another service

Google Hire will close in September 2020.

Google logo
Google Hire is shutting down in September 2020.
Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images

Google has announced it's shutting down Google Hire. The job application service will be gone by Sep. 1, 2020, Google said this week. The tech giant will be focusing its resources on "other products in the Google Cloud portfolio."

Google Hire was designed to help smaller companies find and recruit job candidates. It integrates with Gmail and Calendar, so job interview scheduling and communication is all done from the one space.

Customers will continue receiving support, Google said, and can extend their contracts until Sept. 1 next year for no additional fees. There will also be no more fees for using Hire until the end of contracts or until September 2020.

Google called the shutdown of Hire a "difficult decision." This year, Google has also shut down its YouTube Gaming app, Google+, Inbox by Gmail and Allo.

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