Google Chromebooks now on sale in Tesco trolleys

Google Chromebooks are now on sale at Tesco, as well as a number of new shops around the world.

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If you're after a new laptop, you could grab one the next time you're pushing a wonky-wheeled trolley round Tesco. Google Chromebooks are now on sale there, among a number of new shops around the world.

Always-online Chromebooks are available at selected Tesco superstores, as well as at branches of Dixons. Just think how many Clubcard points you could get!

A Chromebook is a laptop that requires an Internet connection to do its work, as Google's Chrome OS software stores stuff in the cloud and uses online apps -- you can't install your own apps, which is a big stumbling block for many. Examples include the Samsung Series 5, the stupendously high-resolution Chromebook Pixel, or the bargainous £200 Acer C7.

Google announced today that Chromebooks would now be on shelves in three times as many shops around the world than before.

In the US, the Big G has added Staples and Walmart to the roster of Chromebook retailers alongside Best Buy and Amazon, with OfficeMax, Fry’s and TigerDirect to follow. And Office Depot. Let's pause for a second to say it like they do on telly: "Office Dee-po. Dee-po. Dee-po!"

The online laptops are also going on sale in branches of Media Markt and Saturn in the Netherlands, FNAC in France and Elgiganten stores in Sweden. If you're in Australia, bob over to your nearest JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman.

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