Go with the flow with the Wi-Touch hands-free faucet remote

Don't get yourself worked up into a lather over cleaning up in the kitchen. This hands-free faucet remote lets you wash dishes without spreading germs and contaminating surfaces.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets

A brushed silver remote contol on a granite countertop.
Why touch when you can Wi-Touch? TOTO

A hands-free faucet is a great way to improve your kitchen efficiency, conserve water, and prevent the spread of germs. Tearing up that kitchen for a costly renovation? Not so great. For a digital boost that won't break your wallet, consider Toto's Wi-Touch. This wireless remote can be placed anywhere--at foot, knee, or elbow height --within 3 feet of the control box, which you can install yourself in under an hour. It's compatible with virtually all standard manual faucets, both with and without pullout sprays.

The remote costs about $300 and needs four AA batteries for the box and a lithium battery for the wireless remote.

I love the idea of installing the remote on the toe-kick under my sink. Perhaps my kitchen still won't have ER-like sterility, but it's better than raw chicken juice covering my faucet and knobs.