Give peace a chance

Peace sign cake pan makes a tasty political statement.

Jennifer Lowell
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Jennifer Lowell
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Mind your peace and q's. Fred & Friends

We've all been asked what we would do if we could change one thing about the planet. In my experience, answers to this question have ranged from simple requests, like making the grocery store down the street stay open 24 hours, to impossible, but virtuous, desires like undoing the invention of nuclear warheads. When I was growing up, my answer was always that I would eliminate war. Naturally, though, as I got older and more experienced in the ways of this life, I realized a world without war is next to impossible.

For as long as we've lived in a world where war exists, people have found ways to speak out against it. If demonstrations, rallies, and marches aren't your thing, then maybe you'll be interested in this Peace of Cake silicone baking dish by Paul Hendrikx for Fred cooking supplies. It's a good way to make a political statement without standing in a crowd, holding a sign, or writing a congress member.

The dish is made of food-grade silicone and comes in a box made of recycled material, so you can feel good about opposing war and not wasting paper at the same time. A few peaceful cake ideas: you could make angel food cake with berries in the peace sign spaces, you could be more inventive and choose a chocolate cake with chocolate truffles or nuts, or a vanilla cake with frosting pockets. A list of Fred suppliers is available on the Fred Web site.

Is the baking dish high tech? Of course not. Is it the most expensive thing you'll add to your kitchen this year? Most likely, no. But as an easy and playful way to speak your mind without spending big bucks, this kitchen gadget definitely...um...takes the cake.