Give it a leathering: the Asus W6 and S6

Forget the latest and greatest advances in laptop technology, we're far more impressed by sensual curves and pink leather

Rory Reid

Asus isn't best known for producing stylish products, but it's showing everyone at CeBIT that it's a force to be reckoned with.

Crave has already talked about the firm's Lamborghini laptop range, and we've just finished playing with the new W6 and S6 series. Both are aimed at style victims and will likely make a huge impact thanks to their bold leather exteriors.

Our fomer love, the VAIO TX2, is very pretty, and the LG TX and T1 laptops are cute, but when it comes to evoking sheer, unbridled lust the W6 and S6 can't be beaten. The second we saw them we wept quietly and uttered low Britney Spears-like moans of pleasure, and within a matter of minutes we were hacking into the nearest 102-inch plasma TV in an attempt to make it display the words "Will you marry us?"

The 13.3-inch W6 and S6 are available in a variety of leather finishes including 'coffee', 'cream', and 'milk', and there's even a 'crocodile' version to help you upset animal rights activists. All are tasty, but in our opinion, none are as nice as the pink S6, which is simply too cute for words. We'll have a full review as soon as we're back from cloud nine. -RR

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