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Get your grill on with this foldable barbecue set

These foldable buckets are cleverly packaged with custom kits to make them one-stop storage for barbecue and picnic needs.

With baby No. 5 due in July, nesting has kicked in big time here at my house. Everything we own is being scrutinized, and items past their prime are being unceremoniously kicked to the curb. Those that stay in the house must be organized. For me, this often translates to "put in baskets."

Magic Korb's BBQ in a box. Magic Korb

So when I discovered these foldable buckets from Magic Korb, I was, frankly, a little giddy. These buckets have an accordion-like shape designed to let you collapse and easily store them. When you need it, grasp the two handles and expand it.

The buckets are pretty cool on its own--for homes that sometimes need extra laundry baskets or want an easy storage solution--but Magic Korb took it one step further. The company offers a variety of sets that conveniently rests on top of the MagicKorb inside custom inlays.

The barbecue set, for example, lets you pack your foodstuff inside the bucket. Then cover it with the inlay, which comes with a stainless steel fork, turner, tongs, knife, and a corkscrew with a bottle opener. Even if you're only going from the kitchen to the back yard, it's an easy way to carry and store everything; and if you're heading out for the day, you'll truly appreciate the set.

Couple this bucket with the picnic set, and you'll discover an inlay that holds four knives, forks, spoons, cups, and plates with plenty of room underneath for the rest of your picnic supplies.

Prices range from $20 to $60, and with a little searching, you will find the buckets online.