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Get two 10-inch digital picture frames for $100

They're refurbished, but they're also packing touch screens, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, stereo speakers, an alarm clock, and oodles of other nice features.

These 10.4-inch photo frames rock a touch-screen interface, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other goodies.
These 10.4-inch photo frames rock a touch-screen interface, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other goodies.

It's never too early to start your holiday shopping. And I can tell you firsthand that as gifts go, it's hard to beat a digital picture frame.

Today only, Pennywise.biz has a pair of refurbished Pandigital 10.4-inch PAN100T digital picture frames for $99.99 (plus a penny for shipping). That's two, two, two frames for less than what you'd pay for one of them elsewhere. (At Amazon, for example, they run $169 apiece.)

With a deal like this, you'd probably expect a couple of no-frills frames--and you'd be wrong. Let's start with the screen, which is not only a very spacious 1,024x768-pixel LCD, but also a touch screen. That's a huge plus when it comes to selecting photos, tweaking the settings, connecting to your Wi-Fi network, and so on.

Yes, your Wi-Fi network: you can transfer photos from your PC sans wires, another huge plus. And if your phone or camera supports Bluetooth file transfers, well, so does the frame.

The PAN100T includes card slots for just about every kind of storage media known to man, plus a USB port for transferring photos from flash drives.

Other amenities: a remote, an alarm clock, a calendar, and stereo speakers (ostensibly for MP3-backed slideshows).

Just one little point of confusion: the product description mentions 512MB of internal storage, but the product specs say 256MB. The aforementioned Amazon version also shows 512MB, but I'd recommending checking with Pennywise before you order.

Speaking of which, I haven't purchased from this outfit before, and the only contact option I can find is an online form. As with any and every deal, buyer beware. I can tell you I've used similar Pandigital frames before, and they've been quite good.

The warranty on these refurbs is 90 days.

Bonus deal: Get 15 percent off your next in-store purchase at Staples with this printable coupon. It's good through Saturday, September 11.