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Get three LED flashlights for $5

Actually, the flashlights themselves are free, but you have to foot the $5 shipping bill. Even so, this is too good a deal to pass up. Act fast, because it expires at midnight!

Three LED flashlights for five bucks? How can you go wrong?

I really dig the new breed of LED flashlights. (Of course, I'm easily impressed by bright, shiny things.) LED flashlights are supercompact, but give off way more light than the big, bulky, skull-cracking glow sticks of my youth.

Today only, daily-deal site Froobi is offering a three-pack of 9-LED flashlights for $0 (plus $4.95 shipping).

Each light measures about 3.5-inches long and promises a whopping 100,000 hours of bulb life. (Take that, tungsten!)

You'll have to supply the batteries (three AAA's per flashlight). Speaking of, I'm a big fan of Duracell precharged rechargeable batteries that are only a little pricier than disposables, but can be recharged hundreds of times (ergo, they're way cheaper in the long run--and better for the environment, too).

These little flashlights are crazy-handy. Toss one in your car's glove box, another in your tool kit, a third in the junk drawer--you get the idea.

It's difficult to tell from the product page just what colors you're going to get, but the ones shown are all metallic and cool looking.

Alas, it's too late to get these in time for Halloween (they'd be perfect for trick-or-treaters), but, hey, there's always next year.