Get three BluScenes Blu-ray discs for the price of one

Admit it: You've always wanted your HDTV to pull double duty as an aquarium. Now it can, and with two bonus scenery discs to boot.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida

Turn your HDTV into a fish tank. Or a fireplace. Or even a planetarium!

You paid big bucks for that HDTV and Blu-ray player, so you might as well utilize them to their fullest, right? That's the idea behind BluScenes, a series of Blu-ray discs that turn your TV into an aquarium, a fireplace, and, um, a space telescope.

Each disc usually sells for $14.99, but from now until April 23, you can score all three BluScenes discs for just $12.99 (plus $2 for shipping).

The Coral Reef Aquarium is pretty straightforward: it offers three different aquarium views, all of them shot in 1080p using one of those fancy RED One cameras.

Same goes for Classic Fireplace, which includes your choice of three "sizes." It also plays a fireplace "soundtrack," though you can opt for Christmas music when the holidays roll around.

Finally, there's Journey Through Space, a 62-minute collection of animations and telescope imagery. Pretty cool stuff, though not something I think I'd keep running in the background.

Here's a peek at the aquarium:

If there's a downside to all this, it's the environmental impact of running your Blu-ray player and HDTV for extra hours at a time. So much wasted electricity! On the other hand, fish tanks use power (and do so 24-7), and fireplaces use gas. Just saying.

I've always been kind of tempted to check these out, and at this price, I might just pull the trigger. You?